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The We Are Dwyer Foundation in conjunction with Score At The TOP, is excited to present a wonderful opportunity as your child prepares to take the ACT for college admission. Score At The TOP Test Prep will conduct an ACT prep class in our Media Center in preparation for the October 24th ACT exam. The organization will do so at a greatly discounted rate as part of its partnership with the We Are Dwyer Foundation, coupled with the Foundation’s contributions to the cost of the course.

The fee for this very valuable course will be only $200 per student. The dates for the class (and it is very important that students attend every session to receive the maximum benefits of the preparation) are as follows:

September 12th 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.–Testing of all students to establish a baseline.

There will then be five actual sessions of instructional time, all held promptly from

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on the following dates:
Session 1: September 19th
Session 2: September 26th
Session 3: October 3rd
Session 4: October 10th
Session 5: October 17th

The We Are Dwyer Foundation will also provide additional subsidies for those college-bound students in financial need. For additional information on that, please contact Guidance Counselor, Mary Faith Saavedra either by email at maryfaith.saavedra@palmbeachschools, or by phone at 561-625-7823. PLEASE

NOTE:The maximum enrollment for this course is 125.

The Foundation has chosen to offer the preparation course for the ACT (and not the SAT) this year, because the SAT will be rolling out a completely new test in the spring of 2016. Thus, the Foundation decided to invest in preparation for an established test, and one that students may take again throughout the school year.

The Foundation hopes that providing this valuable service will assist all of Dwyer’s college-bound students in achieving the best possible score on the ACT test, and in turn, will assist them in securing college admission.

With excitement about this opportunity, and best wishes,
The We Are Dwyer Foundation

There is a $6.10 processing fee for tickets. The total cost is $206.10.