$1,020.00 $1,000.00 Progress: 100% $1,000.00 Goal Met

10/29/2015: This fundraiser is now completed. We exceeded our goal thanks to everyone who donated. We will wear our new uniforms proudly and think of you all when we do. Thanks again. Here is to a great soccer season!

10/24/2015: We have raised over 80% of our goal in under 10 days. Thanks again to everyone who has donated so far. We are almost there. Help us meet our goal. Only $180 more!

10/15/2015: We have raised over 30% of our goal in the first 24 hours. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far.

10/14/2015: Keep up to date with our project. We will post updates here. Check back soon to see how we’re doing.


The Dwyer High School; Varsity Soccer Team is comprised of hard working high school athletes seeking to bring glory to their school their families and themselves through their sport…
Due to the inherent limitations in public school budgets, some of even the hardest working and training athletes fail to have uniforms which make them “feel” like the champions they work hard to be. Because the old uniforms are fraying and fading, the team is hoping the supportive community around the school will help them in feeling good and looking like champions while they play.
In addition to representing Dwyer on the soccer field, these hardworking young men hold leadership positions in various clubs/organizations at Dwyer, are students in one of the many prestigious academies Dwyer offers and maintain high GPA’s. Many of these soccer players have also been recognized as All County Players for Palm Beach County High School soccer.


Donor Donation Date Amount
Jim Haymes 10-29-2015 $100.00
Karen Schmidt 10-24-2015 $50.00
Anonymous 10-24-2015 $25.00
Eve Arnett 10-24-2015 $25.00
Donald Morgan 10-24-2015 $50.00
Chris Rumsey 10-23-2015 $50.00
Esteban Prayon 10-23-2015 $100.00
Heidi Kidwell 10-23-2015 $50.00
Cindy Kutsmeda 10-22-2015 $50.00
Michele Auchter 10-22-2015 $50.00
Pam Whitton 10-20-2015 $100.00
Julia Leith 10-17-2015 $50.00
Jay and Kelly Williams 10-15-2015 $10.00
Don Kiselewski 10-15-2015 $25.00
Marilyn Comiter 10-15-2015 $25.00
Kristine George 10-15-2015 $50.00
G Jeffrey Vernis 10-15-2015 $100.00
Bari & Randy Levitt 10-15-2015 $25.00
Julie littky-rubin 10-15-2015 $25.00
Kristian Dermody 10-14-2015 $10.00