$6,130.00 $6,000.00 Progress: 100% $6,000.00 Goal Met

Our hearts are overwhelmed at the generosity of everyone that donated to our Carnegie trip! We are so grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you?

4/11/2016: Today is the LAST DAY! We are only $320 from our goal! THANK YOU to all of our donors…we will try and make you proud! Please continue to share this link today?

4/8/2016: WE HAVE NOW EXCEEDED 50% OF OUR GOAL thanks to everyone being such generous donors! Please continue to share this link as many times and ways as possible over the weekend…THREE DAYS LEFT–it can happen?

4/7/2016: THANK YOU to everyone who has donated…we appreciate your generosity! Our trip is close, and with only 4 days left on the fundraiser we are asking everyone to continue to share the link!

3/21/2016: Keep up to date with our project. We will post updates here. Check back soon to see how we’re doing.

We are comprised of choral students grades 9-12 at William T. Dwyer HS in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We strive for excellence through the vocal arts with hard work and strong ethics.

Each year we perform in numerous local and national choral competitions. As a result of consistently high scores, we were invited to participate in the National Mass Youth Choir weekend at Carnegie Hall in New York City this year.

In addition to the mass choir, we were selected to be the FEATURED CHOIR, and we will perform 3 pieces on stage alone prior to the mass choir performance.

Our goal will help with Carnegie expenses. These include music, transportation, entry fees, accompanist fees, room and board, and more. The total cost for the trip is over $60,000, most of which has been paid.

We now need your help to finish strong financially. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and will help us achieve the opportunity of a lifetime!

Carnegie Hall is one of the most prestigious concert venues in the world. Our trip is April 29-May 2, 2016, and the concert is Sunday, May 1. We are proud to represent Dwyer HS and the state of Florida in NYC, and hope you will be part of this great adventure through your support.


Concert tickets are available through the Carnegie Hall box office…..we would love to have you there!




Donor Donation Date Amount
Allen Kilback 04-11-2016 $50.00
Anonymous 04-11-2016 $50.00
William Harmon 04-11-2016 $100.00
Celeste Fierro 04-11-2016 $250.00
David Garretson 04-11-2016 $100.00
Julie Meehan 04-10-2016 $50.00
Edward Carroll 04-10-2016 $500.00
Anthony Capece 04-10-2016 $50.00
Ralph Contini 04-10-2016 $100.00
John Guarino 04-10-2016 $250.00
kim mogull 04-10-2016 $250.00
Jeff Grueninger 04-09-2016 $100.00
Sam Goldfinger 04-09-2016 $100.00
Marisol Soto 04-09-2016 $50.00
Hurricane Sandy Pink Fred & Pecan Brown Michael 04-09-2016 $50.00
Martin Malek 04-09-2016 $100.00
gregory struck 04-09-2016 $20.00
Vincent Celano 04-09-2016 $250.00
Rocco Campanile 04-08-2016 $50.00
Annette roehrbein 04-08-2016 $20.00