$9,600.00 $12,500.00 Progress: 76.8%

3/21/206: Keep up to date with our project. We will post updates here. Check back soon to see how we’re doing.
Spring Practice is Coming and The Dwyer High School Football Teams immediately need new Communication Devices (Headsets) ($4,500) for the Most Dedicated Coaches and new Practice Equipment (Tackle Dummies & Individual Push Sleds) ($2,000) and helmets ($6,000) for the Hardest Working Players in Palm Beach County.

We all enjoy going to the Football games during the Fall and we want all of our Teams to be Successful, so the Football Team needs the assistance from the entire Dwyer Community to meet our Goal. The new headsets will assist our Coaches during the games, and the Practice Equipment will help our Players prepare better every week during the Spring and Fall Seasons.

Go Panthers!!!

Due to the limitations of the Palm Beach County School System Athletics Budgets, the Football Team needs some immediate funds of $12,500 to purchase new Communication Devices and Practice Equipment before Spring Football Practice begins, which is scheduled for April 25th.
The Football Players at Dwyer High School are a very dedicated group of Student Athletes; and preparing for the season requires a year round commitment. The Boys lift weights in the Winter, practice all Spring, condition all Summer, and then, work extremely hard during the entire Football Season to make sure they put an Amazing Team on field every year for the Dwyer Community to be Proud of…Now it is the our turn to give back to the Team!


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