Our District 1 School Board member, Barbara McQuinn, was there, and she and Mr. D fielded questions and heard comments from students, teachers and parents for two hours.  There will be a special closed door meeting of the School Board tonight, and Ms. McQuinn will be taking our concerns and asking some of our questions there.  Mr. D apprised us of all he and his team are doing with laser-like focus, to keep our school safe.

Mr. D introduced Laurie George, PBC United Way CEO and Dwyer parent, who will lead our school security task force (if you would like to participate, Learn More Here).

The high point of the evening was hearing from some of the many students who attended the meeting.  Like their counterparts in Parkland, it is clear that our students are also bright, articulate and motivated to be the change they want to see in the world.  One student mentioned the March that will be held in WPB on 3/24 at 5 pm (in conjunction with the National protest in Washington, DC) and encouraged us and our families to attend.  These students are inspiring to all of us, and clearly have taken the mantle from us on making much needed change in what has become the scary world we live in.